Homestay – best way to experience the Place, People and the Culture

Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors stay in a house or apartment of a local resident of the place they are traveling. Homestays are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to experience the place, people and the culture around, and too at a much affordable prices.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose homestays over Hotels.

Stay with local people

When you stay in a homestay you experience something that you won’t in other forms of accommodation. Not only do you meet the local people, you get to live with them too. It’s a way to live a destination, not just visit it.

savour home-cooked local delicacies

The best part about staying in a homestay is undoubtedly the delicious home-cooked food. It allows you to understand local cuisine and even learn what goes into the preparation as most hosts willing share secret recipes with you.

Homestays generates income for locals

Homestays are simple establishments run by local families to augment their family income. These families tend to open their homes to travelers for want of company or for the sheer passion for hospitality. By staying in these homestays, you contribute to their income.

Ease of moving into a new city

If you are moving to a new destination then it is both daunting and exciting. On arrival, you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, and it takes time to get used to the place. Stay in a homestay and straight away you’ll have met some local people, in their home, who will quickly help you to feel more comfortable, secure and generally at ease in your new destination.

Homestays are spacious

Homestay is just like a home away from your home. It is anytime more spacious as comparable to hotel rooms. Some Homestays have private gardens, lawns, drawing rooms too.

Listen to 100 stories of the place

You can sit with the family and talk with them for hours. They can tell you the stories associated with the destination and hence u can actually know more about the culture of the people. Besides this, if you are lucky, you will be able to attend any of their family functions and in turn experience their culture.

Homestay people are your local guide

Nobody knows a place better than someone who was born and raised there. Whether it be the contact number of a reliable auto driver, closing time of a local museum, good entertainmaint places or the info about the good places to buy local stuff, everything can be guided by the homestay people.

See beyond the tourist trail

It would be great to see the parts of a destination that only the locals know about. Stay in a homestay, and your hosts will be able to tell you about those hidden secrets.

Learn local language and local craft

If you want to stay a little longer at certain destination, It would be great to learn the local language to interact with the local communities. Homestay people will help you to do so.You will lso get an opportunity to learn some local craft of the place.

Best for solo traveler

If you are travelling alone, then this option works out the best . You will never feel lonely and as you are always with a family. You will feel more safer and warm.

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