How Holi is celebrated in different parts of India

India is a country of various colours and traditions. Every festival is celebrated in different styles in different parts of country. Holi, the most colourful festival is played differently across India, with interesting traditions varying slightly from state to state. Have a look at different ways in which People of India celebrate Holi.

Lathmar Holi in Barsana village near Mathura

lathmar holi
The women of Barsana playfully beat men from the neighbouring Nandgaon village with lathis, while the men try to protect themselves with shields. But also watch out for flying ladoos and flowers as you walk around Barsana.

Holi as Basant utsav in Purulia, West Bengal

basant utsav
The three days festival takes place in Purulia district of West Bengal. People smear Aabir (colours) on each other, drink Mahua (country liquor) and sway to the local ‘Jhumur’ tunes. The ambience of Purulia along with the hysteria makes this experience truly cherishing.

Hola Mohalla in Anandpur Sahib

holi mohalla
Hola Mohalla is a famous Sikh festival celebrated in The Anandpur sahib which is a Sikh way of celebrating Holi, which sometimes coincides with the Sikh new year.

Holi in Jaipur

elephant festival
In Jaipur, Holi is the day for Elephant Festival on March07, involving elephant sports and noisy parades, music, folk theatre and dance performances.

Holi in Ujjain

In Ujjain, the saints of 13 akharas play a unique style of Holi with the intention of spreading awareness about the importance of cows in India. Instead of hurling water balloons or smearing each other with colours, the tradition is to throw cow dung and cow urine during the day. In the evening, they resort to flowers and sandalwood powder on each other. It’s also quite an eco-friendly way – since cow dung has no irritant chemicals like Holi colours, according to the saints.

Holi in Haryana

haryana holi
Like the tradition of Dahi Handi, in Haryana, their Holi celebrations include forming a human pyramid and reaching for a pot of buttermilk. There’s nothing more that brings out the unity of human spirit, competitiveness and teamwork than this human feat.

Holi as Manjal Kuli in Kerela

Manjal Kuli
In Kerala, Holi is known by the name of Manjal Kuli and is celebrated in Gosripuram Thirumala Konkani Temple. The Kudumbi community (which migrated to Kerala from Goa) celebrates the festival by cutting an Areca nut tree and then transporting it to the shrine indicating goddess Durga’s victory over demons. In some shrines a mud crocodile is made to symbolize the goddess who helped them to migrate from Goa to Kerala. On the next day, the entire community plays with water & turmeric powder.

Yaoshang Holi in Manipur

Yaoshang Holi
Holi takes a completely different form in the north-eastern state of Manipur, where it is known as Yaosang. It is celebrated for five days & commences from the full moon day of Phalguna month. The major attraction of the festival is Thabal Chongba folk dance in which boys & girls form a circle to sing and dance. To celebrate the festival, every family contributes for the fund, thus creating an amazing opportunity for bonding and merry making.

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