About Us

Born2C is committed to maintaining our probity, nurturing our values and ensuring that we are conforming to our vision.

This being

  • To operate in a responsible fashion
  • Incorporating the principles of sustainable development
  • Offering our travelers with real time experiences

These values are imbibed in the culture and daily executions of every Born2C program.

As member of Ecotourism, all our products and programs are carefully crafted to ensure the fulfilment of our commitment towards society, to conduct our programs responsibly, thereby giving rise to sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

Sustainable Tourism


Social Responsibility

Our core values are encapsulated in the below approaches and initiatives.

  • Supporting local economics by introducing the local goods to tourists
  • Participating in small local businesses
  • Supporting and respecting the dignity of local and traditional cultures
  • Highlighting the values of local cultures to the travellers and the outside world
  • Harbouring traditional ethos, products and practices
  • Ensuring positive impacts by the tourists and visitors on the locals
  • Creating a winning offering of the uniqueness of each locality and their traditions – both for the society and travellers


Responsible Tourism

Simply put, Responsible Travel is all about the approach your take and the choices you make as a traveller when you visit a particular place.

At Born2C, we strongly encourage responsible travel. In fact, we feel responsible for our travellers travelling responsibly.

Some of the focal points we impress upon are.

  • Careful management of natural resources, limited energies and supplies
  • Using local transports wherever available and suitable
  • Accommodation in local homestay wherever possible, sustainable and safe
  • Offering real life experiences by engaging the locals, not professionals
  • Buying and promoting locally manufactured products, often made by guests themselves
  • Strictly refraining from the exploitation of the vulnerable – including children, animals and endangered species
Responsible Travel


About Us - Born2C

For Our Travellers

All that said, what’s there in these for you, as a traveler?

Well, here’s what it is!

  • Expect travel encounters that reveal truths and secrets about the places you visit
  • Create meaningful connections with locals
  • Witness amazing facts about places, culture, inhabitants and their traditions
  • We have discovered unique places and people, it is now for you to experience
  • Work along with local communities, perform with the artisans, pamper yourself with traditional dishes, build your own local stuff (DIY)
  • Show yourself a new face of regular places
  • Create a better place to visit, better people to meet
  • Bring home authentic and inspirational memories
  • Leave your mark when you leave


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